Sartain Nutrition Small Town Big Flavor
Heber Springs, AR
10/09/2017 09:31 AM

From the first taco and torta, I knew I had found my next segment of Small Town Big Flavor, Go Small with Your Local Dietitian.

As someone who is not only licensed and trained to know about food, but also well versed in the major aspects of foodservice, I recognized the quality service and product. While my husband and son consumed the food at record speeds, I carefully observed. This place was special. It was good. It was quality. It was Food Geek.

I had to get an interview, so I reached out to the owners even before walking away from their restaurant! Fortunately for me, I had the pleasure of meeting both owners, James and Laura Norman, despite their busy schedules of balancing work, life, family, and so much more.  As always, my measly outline of an interview turned into an incredible story filled with hard work, values, and family.

So, with great enthusiasm, I welcome to our small lake town, the one and only, Food Geek.


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Lydia Sartain
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