Paul Graham Addresses Rotary Club of Heber Springs
Heber Springs, AR
09/08/2017 04:32 PM


Paul Graham, Assistant Manager for the Heber Springs Water and Wastewater Utility was the presenter for the September 5 meeting of the Rotary Club of Heber Springs. Mr. Graham’s presentation focused on the new e-read meter reading system being installed across the area served by Heber Springs Water. This new electronic metering system is part of a $1.2 million project upgrade, changing out older meters for the new system. 


Mr. Graham cited the many advantages to the Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) metering, including proactive intelligence which allows the detection of customer leaks much more quickly than in the past. The system allows checks every hour, and detects water usage up to the 1/100th of a gallon. Detection of leaks more quickly will save customers money on higher water bills, and potentially could prevent property damage from undetected leaks over a period of time.


The new system also allows the utility company to determine the actual water loss through leaky pipes and valves and shows real-time information on when peak demands for water are, and allow the water department to preplan for water conservation efforts before the demands are encountered.


Finally, AMA allows the customer to be involved in their own water usage monitoring. Mr. Graham showcased the “EyeOnWater” Consumer engagement website (, and smart phone apps that customers can use to monitor their water usage on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis without having to contact the water department. “The system allows customers to set alerts for their accounts,” said Mr. Graham, “so they can be notified when usage exceeds a certain set point, a tool that is particularly useful for those who are on a fixed income.” For more information on the metering system, contact Heber Springs Water at 501-362-3422, or email Mr. Graham at


Rotarians are “People of Action” who are making a difference locally, nationally and internationally.  The Object of Rotary is "to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise." The Rotary Club of Heber Springs meets each Tuesday at noon on the ASU-Heber Springs Campus. For more information about the Rotary Club of Heber Springs, please visit our Facebook page at

Kathy Phillips, Public Relations Chair
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